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Pain as of excoriation in tip of tongue, when touched. Boenninghausen found Thuja both preventive and curative in an epidemic of small-pox. Congestion of blood in head. Ganglion. Swelling temporal muscles, especially during mastication. in his Thuja group, and gives an instance in which it acted on fig-warts. Floating stripes. Thuja also has chronic incontinence from paralysis of sphincter vesicae. Ulcers in throat and mouth, like chancres. Inflammatory softening of inner surface of lids. Anus, fistula in, fissure of. Natural History. Long filiform condylomata, Staph. Post-nasal catarrh. Riding causes incontinence of urine, worse pain in ovary. R.T.C.) Bending head backward better headache. (Ozena. Three years before, the child had an abortive attack of scarlatina, treated with cold compresses. Talking worse asthma. Excessively painful tenderness of left side of head, and also of the hair, at night, when lying down, and when touched. H.N.G. "On blowing nose, a pressing pain in the hollow tooth or at the side of it" (Culex, vertigo every time he blows his nose). As if a tape prevented urination. At eight he had shingles. Worse cold water, cold, damp weather, change, draft, overheating, sun’s rays. Thuja produces a confusion in the thoughts which patients cannot rid themselves of on account of great weakness and pain in the head. Disquiet, which renders everything troublesome and repugnant. Cancer. Hernia. On August 15th Thuja 10M F. C. was given. Very depressed, sad, irritable. Neuralgia. Myopia. As if abdominal muscles were being pushed out by arm of a child. Thuja was given in 1M, 10M, and cm F. C. potencies. October 21st. "Nocturnal seminal emission" is an emphasized symptom in M. M.P. Red and painful nodosities on margins of lids. Castor is the product of an animal which subsists on the bark of resinous trees. Scalp as if beaten. Thuja not only produces symptoms of the secondary stage of gonorrhoeal and vaccinal affections, it also produces urethritis and a variolous eruption. Prostate, disease of. Eruption of pimples on lips and chin. Face ache, originating in left cheek-bone near the ear, extending through teeth to nose, through eyes to temples into head, the painful spots burn like fire, and are very sensitive to the rays of the sun. Sensation as if whole body very thin and delicate and could not resist least attack, as if continuity of body would be dissolved. (Nit-ac. Thoughtlessness, forgetfulness. Music causes him to weep, with trembling of the feet. Feeling as if flesh beaten off bones, Phyt. Legs as if made of wood when walking. Prominent among them are neuralgias (of which Burnett gives many examples), morbid skin disorders, indigestion, and constipation, warts and new growths of many kinds. In manufacturing, thuja is used as a fragrance in cosmetics and soaps. Another indication of his is, "pains better by wrapping up." Then I gave one tsp of the water remedy three … Sanguineous, or bitter saliva. Necessity to swallow. Fungus on left lower jaw, more angry in damp weather      Swelling of submaxillary glands. Upper lip sensitive. In four months the youth was almost cured, in five months entirely so, the hair having grown again completely over is spot. Among the skin effects of Thuja the marks and stains must be borne in mind. While thuja is a major remedy for vax injury, i’m not sure that it is an effective prophylactic in that way. Goullon (Leip. "Tautopathy" is defined as a method of removing the bad effects of conventional drugs and environmental exposures by means of identical potentized homeopathic medicines. For example: "In evening, when in bed, terrible hammering and tearing in the ear, accompanied with micturition every half-hour and coldness of the legs up to the knees. As if a living a animal were in abdomen. Robert Farley (quoted A.H., xxiii. Vaccinosis. The effect of the dose she described thus: "After having taken the Thuja I tasted a sweet repose, the next morning a complete transformation had taken place in the head, the weight was gone, the eyes were more fresh, the brain free." Painful pressure in hepatic region. Violent movements of foetus, Op., Croc., Sil., Sul. Teeth crusted with tartar, extremely sensitive to cold water. It grows upon the rocky banks of rivers, and in low, swampy spots, blossoming from May until June and maturing its fruit in autumn. Thuja 30 cured the growths and the cough in about three weeks. Nevus. Vascular tumour of cornea. Many people automatically give the remedy Thuja after a vaccination, but it’s not the only remedy indicated for vaccine reactions. Balanitis. Gleet. The totality led to the selection of Thuja, which was given in the 200th. Phlyctenular conjunctivitis of left eye, with violent pain across forehead and in outer side of eyeball, constantly recurrent from childhood and due to suppressed eruption. However, though Thuja was an effective treatment for vaccinosis back in … Angina pectoris. Diplopia. 421) relates a case of scalp tumour in a youth of seventeen. Disagreeable sensations after eating fat food or onions. Lying on affected side better asthma. Mawkish and sweetish taste in the mouth, in the evening, and after a meal. Feeling as if lids swollen, and a foreign body in eye. Thuja occidentalis at a dose of 30c can help to ease various side effects of a vaccine. Related posts: Homeopathy Remedies for Vaccination Problems Anshutz gives a useful therapeutic differential diagnosis of the condition Vaccination, with the most useful homeopathic remedies.

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