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Related: Contra Costa County Health Officer Issues Thanksgiving Guidance The new tier assignments will be announced at noon during a news conference headed by Gov. Virus transmission in Contra Costa County is rated as widespread by the governor's reopening regime, which places the area in Tier 1 and keeps many nonessential businesses closed. County health officials quickly confirmed that all re-openings allowed in the orange tier will take effect immediately. The county seat is El Centro.84.1 new cases per day per 100KPrevious week: 34.918.1% positivity rate (7-day average)Previous week: 20.3%. Vacunación Contra el COVID-19.. February 3, 2021 - See Health Services Press Release: Vaccine Supply Shortages Prompt Public Health Leaders throughout the Bay Area to Urge Prioritization of Older Adults for Vaccination.. February 3, 2021 - See Press … The orange tier is the second-lowest tier … Officials moved three more of California’s 58 counties to the most restrictive purple tier of the state’s four-tier coronavirus tracking system on ... Home sales in Contra Costa County, Feb. 6. See COVID-19 vaccination information. "We believe these measures are necessary to reduce the spread of COVID in our community," County Health … This SDSU-affiliated COVID-19 hotspot represents 22% of all COVID-19 positive tests in the past 14 days and nearly pushed the entire county of San Diego–with its more than 3.3 million people spread over more than 4,500 square miles–back into Tier 1 (purple), further jeopardizing not only the local economy with more … Gavin Newsom. COUNTY UPDATES. Imperial CountyIn 2010, the population was 174,528. Here's how it breaks down county-by-county: Alameda, Contra Costa, ... Gov. Contra Costa health officials tried to slow the spread of coronavirus last week by imposing more-stringent restrictions than the orange tier requires, but it will take time to see the result of the changes. CONTRA COSTA COUNTY — State health officials on Tuesday gave Contra Costa County the all-clear to proceed into the orange tier, indicating the coronavirus risk level has lessened. With Contra Costa County back in the most restrictive purple-tier, the county's COVID task force is reminding businesses to follow health orders to prevent the spread of the virus. Officials in counties across the Bay Area anxious for businesses to reopen as widely as possible have issued a reminder of the current COVID guidance and restrictions under the Purple Tier. Contra Costa County residents 65 and older can now sign up to receive COVID-19 vaccine shots, Contra Costa Health Services said.

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