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If it’s too hot to touch, your dog cannot walk on it. Dogs’ paws can be just as sensitive as humans’ feet. When can puppies go outside for walks? They really help!) I've been walking her on the pavement, but is it ok? The main reason people ask when can puppies go outside, is because they want to take their precious pooch on a walk. Before you start heading on walks with your puppy, you need to wait until they have had their complete set of vaccinations. Though running, walking and playing on pavement and rough surfaces can wear your buddy's nails down naturally, it can also cause painful injury. First, consider their energy level (physical and mental). You can easily check to see if the ground is too hot for your dog to walk on by placing the back of your hand flat on the pavement and try holding it there for 7 seconds. I walk my puppy during the evening and early morning before the pavement gets too hot, and my neighborhood is very responsible and has vaccinated dogs. And keep your dog lean — even a little extra weight is harder on the joints. Honestly, I can't tell you how happy I am to get a question like yours. Unfortunately, awkwardly walking across the floor can only make the problem worse. Touch the pavement with your hand. Or your dog might be so terrified of your tiles that he will avoid walking … (And speaking of joints, make a note to talk to your veterinarian when your dog is mature about joint-care supplements. You can yes. If you think it is too hot, wait for the ground to cool off, or avoid walking your dog on cement and pavement. Avoid Walking Your Dog on Hot Pavement. Jogging with your dog is fantastic exercise for you both, but be careful with city pups whose paws are constantly in contact with pavement. Hot pavement can also reflect heat upward onto the dog’s body, raising the risk of deadly heat stroke. This can lead them to be extra cautious as they walk across a slippery floor. Should I stop until she reaches 15 weeks? All puppies love to play, but a high-energy breed like an Australian shepherd will probably be able to walk longer than a flat-faced pug. Vets in the US, where paw burns are common in many areas due to high summer temperatures, came up with a test to check when it’s safe to walk dogs on a pavement. Some dogs are outright afraid of walking on a slippery floor. I had all my pups blood tested after the first injection and they were fully covered. Every puppy is different, but there are some common sense considerations that can inform how often you walk your puppy. Hot pavement or asphalt can burn your dog's paw pads. That means they’re equally as likely to get burnt walking on a hot surface as their owner would be. If it’s 77 degrees outside, pavement that’s been sitting in sun can potentially be up to 125-degrees. Dogs that in many cases couldn’t handle keeping their paws on the hot pavement. The first thing to remember is that a puppy has growing bones and pavement walking is quite harsh on a young pup. Don't overdo it and don't walk for longer than about 10 minutes. Also, my puppy has had two parvovirus vaccination shots. Before heading outside with your dog on a walk, check to see how hot the ground is. Secondly, they are fine to go out after just one jab.

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