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This will check to see if the bearing plates will make a clicking or popping noise while the vehicle is stationary. What Is That Thumping Noise While I Am Driving. Dodge has released customer satisfaction letter L04 that outlines the issue that you have experienced. Never had any problem at all for Lexus! When these mini fireballs collide, they create a knocking noise. It doesn't change when I turn in either direction. However, depending on the engine in your car, you’ll have one of two possible systems. If the sway bar breaks or is damaged it may produce a clunking or knocking sound, especially when going over bumps. AC Buzzing Noise Usually occurring at highway speeds, you will hear this when you apply the brakes. The movement will be very slight but it should stop the rotor from turning. Sway bars can help keep a vehicle from rolling over when going around a sharp corner. The … Tears, or cracks in the CV joint boot. I have just returned from work and a knocking sound has started emanating from (I … But, it’s just temporary and will still fail eventually if you don’t look for a permanent solution.Let’s look at what the noises mean in different locations: If your car is making a clicking noise, it might be a CV joint failing on an axle shaft or an internal transmission issue. if you are not using a bmw specialist or main dealer I would suggest that you do. The most common causes of car make noises when turning are bad struts, bad coil springs, broken rack and pinion, damaged tie rod ends, or worn steering column bearings. There is also substantial loss of power and its almost impossible to get th ecar to rev above 5.500 rpm. This may cause a knocking sound to be heard. I would get the car re-aligned. © Axles/Left front axle - The wheels of the vehicle turn on the front axle and the axle supports the weight of the vehicle. If a worn, or damaged CV joint is the issue, and depending on how extensive the damage, you will notice the following things about the sound: There will be a clicking or popping noise when turning. The exact type of sound that you hear might determine the problem. This may cause a knocking sound to be heard. It could be something you hear or something you feel. Wheel Bearings - If a wheel bearing is severely worn out the wheel will not be able to spin freely. #3. If you own a spare key, try turning the key in the ignition to see if this will work. A light rapping noise might only be a sway bar end-link, whereas a heavy thump is more likely a control arm, control arm bushing or strut mount. The only good repair option is to replace the CV joint or axle assembly. best wishes with your vehicle It may even get worse as you step on the gas pedal. Optimize fleet uptime and compliance via mobile vehicle repairs, Partner with us to simplify and scale fleet maintenance, Over 25,000 topics, from beginner tips to technical Car makes noise when turning at high speed The problem is definitely with the CV joints, bearings, or differentials if a steering steel makes noise when turning at high … The brake pads should be touching the rotor but with no pressure or drag, Hopefully you lubed all brake pad contact points during the procedure. 2021 Site by MGM Design, Auto Repair Yuma, AZ – Accurate Automotive Attention in Yuma, Arizona, Towing Services Serving Yuma AZ (928) 783-9309, Order Russell McCloud’s book KnowledgeÂ. Please see our. 12. As we stop or start the car, the hub screw hit knuckle hole and made clicking noise. When you turn the wheel you get the odd knock every so often and you feel it through the wheel and hear it (It's not loud, you have to turn the radio off to hear it). Most of the time it comes up if the vehicle is 4-Wheel Drive. When you apply the brakes, the brake pads rub against the rotor to create the friction that causes your vehicle to slow down. The rotors turn with the wheel as you drive. If the tires have recently been replaced or rotated it is possible that the lug nuts weren’t tightened to the wheel correctly. If you are hearing a knocking sound while operating the vehicle, have the brakes, steering and suspension inspected by a certified technician. Bad Tires/Bad Left Tire - A knocking sound may be heard when tires go bad, if they are unbalanced or misaligned, or if there is a broken belt in one of the tires. it should be possible to trace the noise with a mechanic's stethoscope or chassis ear tool. Look for deformed, torn or cracked suspension insulators, mounts or sealing boots for joints. Clicking Noise While Turning. When CV joints wear out, they cause a thumping or knocking noise when you turn. On BMW models, the front sway bar links with ball ends (see Photo 6) have a … The letter states that vehicles shipped to cold weather climates allow water ingression; thus causing wear... Hello. I don’t know that work for this noise issue or not !

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