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", "I'll see what I can do." ", "Like shooting dumb fish in a big barrel! Keith Shaw of Network World described the character as "complicated character". John spent a few years in an orphanage before running away. ", (While playing poker) "I think I'll raise. Now find somewhere safe and stay there. What are you so scared of? ", (When being shot at) "Man! ", (After taming a horse) "Relax, we're friends now! ", (While playing poker) "Your choice my friend. (To, "I've met some sick bastards in my life, Seth, but you... you're special. ", (When shooting a bird) "There's one for the pot! Railroads and government and motor cars and everything gone and done away with all of that." ", (After a camp fire story) "If only it were true. ", (When talking to a man) "You look like you're about to fill your pants, friend. ", (When Cutting a person free) "Just stay calm. ", (Greeting) "Ain't many of us left, mister. ", (Pointing your gun at a man) "This could be your last moment. I've seen tougher nursemaids! ", (When talking to a woman) "Why you wearing that dress, sir? ", (While wielding knife at oncoming enemy) "I hope you bleed good! Multiple characters appear in both games, including John Marston… ", (General taunt) "You look like you're about to fill your pants, friend. ", (Entering a Deserted Location/Destroyed House) "Where da hell is everyone! John is later left for dead by Dutch during a train robbery but returns to the camp as Arthur is confronting Dutch and Micah. [25] He was nominated for Best Performance by a Human Male at the 2010 Spike Video Game Awards, where John was also nominated for Character of the Year. ", (Collecting Gold) "What have we got here? If anything happens to him you'll wish it was you that bear attacked!" ", (Pointing your gun at a man) "Now keep those hands where i can see them. John returns home to find that his family has been cured. ", "Why don't I bite you? ", (General taunt) "You ain't foolin' no one with that act! ", (When looting a female zombie) "Sorry miss, apocalypse tax. ", (While playing Five Finger Fillet) "And you even didn't lose a finger. The way I see it, might as well be you." [13] Game Informer's Javy Gwaltney lauded John as Rockstar's best character, noting that the complexities of his personality make him more realistic than most protagonists. ", (When returning a stolen horse) "Here´s your horse friend", (Pointing his gun at a man attacking a prostitute) "That's no way to treat a woman! ", (When Fistfighting with a woman) "If my wife could see me now! I hope you learned to cook." Rob Wiethoff auditioned for the role of John Marston by folding laundry while reading his lines. ", (While playing Five Finger Fillet) "Let's see if I can match it. ", (After an unsuccessful loot) "For Christ's sake! ", (During a grapple execution) "I ain't telling you again! When you take over Jack, it's all about avenging his father john, look on the map in new Austin, not mexico, and you'll be sent on a mission to track down the government official responsible for John's death, after you duel him, you are in effect finished the game although you can continue on as Jack and finish some other stuff you may have missed the first time with John. After several unsuccessful attacks on Dutch and his operations, John and the agents mount an assault on his hideout. ", (Pointing your gun at a man) "Don't push me now. ", (While breaking a horse of the apocalypse) "These Goddamn creatures!". (To Jonah), "You want me to shoot you in the head right now for that, "Now, if you don't mind, I'd hate to spoil such a beautiful afternoon on such beautiful land with any further unpleasantries. For Xbox One on the Xbox One, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "so uhhh.....John Marston in RDR1 (light spoilers) -_____-". ", (After killing a bolter) "Quick little fucker. YOU BASTARD!!! (To Bill Williamson in "An Appointed Time"), "It's time to stop running, Bill!" ", (General taunt) "You're finished! Hit me! I've had it with you! ", (While breaking a horse of the apocalypse) "Nature sure is messed up! I never thought I'd see this day again." ", (While playing poker) "Ain't you aggressive. ", (General taunt) "I've dropped a hundred fools like you! ", (Killing Jonah and Eli) "You never did like me! ", (When Cutting a person free) "I guess I didn't kill you after all. ", (Looting female) "I ain't proud of myself, neither. ", (After killing a retcher) "Shit-spitting piece of crap! (Nighty night! ", (When talking to a man) "I hate to see the look on your mother's face when you popped out. ", (General taunt) "I'm gonna give you something to remember me by. ", (When being shot at) "I'm in a bad place here. You ain't eating me! ", (General taunt) "You couldn't shoot a fart out of your own ass! Some cattle grow strong, others are taken by wolves. ", (Pointing your gun at a man) "I guess i'm having a unpleasant day too. ", (During a grapple execution) "That should shut you up! ", "Only thing that's gonna cure you is a bullet to the head. When returning for the prequel, Wiethoff looked to his younger life for inspiration. ", (After shooting a saddled horse) "I don't know why the hell I did that. ", (During a gunfight in Mexico) "You must be the pendejos I've been hearing about! Red Dead Redemption is set during the decline of the American frontier in the year 1911 and follows John Marston, a former outlaw whose wife and son are taken hostage by the government in ransom for his services as a hired gun. ", "I don't think my dear wife would appreciate that. C'mon! ", (Killing Jonah and Eli) "You didn't have a brain between you! ", (After Shooting a hogtied person) "I never said I was a nice fella. ", (When Fistfighting with a man) "You sure you're a man friend?! ", (Pointing his gun at a man attacking a prostitute) "Leave that woman alone! ", (While playing poker) "Why are these cards sticky? ", (While playing Five Finger Fillet) "Not bad. When Pinkertons invade the camp, Arthur and John flee. ", (General taunt) "You're good as dead already! ", (After an unsuccessful loot) "Well that's unfortunate. ", (While wielding knife at oncoming enemy) "You're gonna drown in your own blood! (Talking about Jack), "Oh darling. ", (Failing a Mission) "Ah, good Lord above! John Marston seems the most reluctant about killing Bill in Red Dead Redemption and readily counts him as a brother. ", (After killing a bolter) "That oughta slow you down. When John was threatened to be lynched after being caught stealing at the age of 12, he was saved by Dutch van der Linde, who took him into his gang and raised him. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. ", (When Fistfighting with a woman) "Woman, you're gettin' on my nerves now! ", "I can honestly say I'm puttin' you out of your misery! ", (While playing Horseshoes) "Did you see that? ", (When looting a zombie) "Now this is a new low....", (When looting a zombie) "Apocalypse tax! (To, "Men are born, and then they're formed. ", (While playing poker) "Ain't you mighty angry, partner. ", I hope you were better looking alive lady! ", (General taunt) "What do you do when you're not pretending to be tough? ", (Pistol Whipping/Rifle Butting a zombie) "I'll smash your empty head in! I ain't gettin' fresh. We're friends now. ", (Greeting) "Try not to get eaten by the undead sir", (Greeting) "Good to see someone not spittin' bile", (Greeting) "We're alive. ", (When looting a female zombie) "This is for tryin' to kill me, lady. ", (General taunt) "You're as full of wind as a horse with the colic. During the events of the game in 1899, John is saved by fellow gang members Arthur Morgan and Javier Escuella. ", (Collecting Gold) "Maybe my luck's beginning to turn! ", (When talking to a man) "Just kill yourself now, do humanity a favor. ", (Failing a Mission) "I don't believe it! ", (While playing poker) "I know your game. ", (While playing poker) "Make sure you deal from the top. ", (When Fistfighting with a woman) "What the hell am I doing here?! ", (Shooting a domesticated animal-Dog) "Down boy! PLEASE don't spit on me. Performing certain positive actions like saving citizens under attack by criminals/animals or aiding lawmen will earn the player honor. ", (Under breath)"These freaks are starting to annoy me...", (Pushing a zombie) "Get this stinkin' corpse away from me! People say "oh, the law was so bad they kidnapped John's family!" ", (Shooting a domesticated animal-Dog) "Look kinda rabid. ", (After shooting a saddled horse) "What's wrong with me. He’s depicted as an alcoholic layabout with a… (Entering a Deserted Location/Destroyed House) "What the hell went wrong here. (John responding to, "Finally! But what John do? ", (Pointing your gun at a man) "No sudden movement now. [3] Recording would take place over a few weeks, before taking a break of a month or two. ", (When Fistfighting with a man) "This is about to get ugly pal! (Come on, motherfuckers! 1.1k. ", (After shooting a saddled horse) "I really didn't mean to do that. while Arthur can ?! This song is from the famous video game by Rockstar Games “Red Dead Redemption.” It is played at the end of the game when the protagonist, John Marston, dies and his son, Jack Marston… ", (Entering a Deserted Location/Destroyed House) "Something Don't feel right here. Ain't you just dandy? ", (When hogtieing Jack) "What the hell's gotten into you?! The character returned as the secondary playable protagonist of the 201… Does anyone else think that John Marston in rdr1 and rdr2 look like totally different people? ", (When talking to a man) "Don't look at me that way, I ain't that kinda fella. The character was developed to be a nuanced, family-focused character in the first game. ", (When looting a zombie) "You claw at my back, I claw at yours", (When looting a zombie) "Ugh..." *said while sounding genuinely sick to his stomach, (When looting a zombie) "You owe me lady. ", (Looting female) "I wasn't going to hell before, but I am now. ", (General taunt) "You should be standing in a field scaring crows. ", (After shooting a saddled horse) "Poor horse,what's wrong with me. #rdr #reddeadredemption #Rockstargames #reddeadredemption2 SHAREfactory™!/en-us/tid=CUSA00572_00 Here's your horse back. Hola. (To Abraham Reyes), "Ain't no trouble Abigail. ", (Entering a Deserted Location/Destroyed House) "This is creepy, I wonder what went wrong! ", (When Cutting a person free) "Your lucky I'm in a good mood. ", (After lassoing a Hostile Rider) "Hold up a minute! ", (General taunt) "Who the hell do you think you are?! Discussion. John is also the protagonist of Undead Nightmare, the zombie apocalypse-themed downloadable content. ", (After killing a bruiser) "The bigger they are, the harder they fall! ", (When being shot at) "How's he getting close? ", (After losing a sharpshooter's challenge) "I wasn't even trying. ", (After shooting a saddled horse) "That weren't nice. Wiethoff's portrayal of Marston was also met with acclaim. He reluctantly works for both sides, only wanting information about Bill and Javier, but disavows the soldiers when they betray him. An Interview With Rob Wiethoff", "The Story Behind the Story of 'Red Dead Redemption 2, "Exclusive Interview: Campfire chat with the stars of Red Dead Redemption 2", "Red Dead Redemption Review: Saddle Up, Partners! Arthur and Sadie rescue him, much to the disdain of Dutch. ", (Shooting a domesticated animal-Dog) "Poor dog, better off. ", (While breaking a horse of the apocalypse) "Goddamn demon! ", (While playing poker) "Give me some decent this time. ", "I'll kill as many of you as come at me! ", (General taunt) "Stop acting tough, you fool. It didn't really look like a fair fight. Alternatively, taking negative actions like opposing or attacking lawmen, aiding thieves and outlaws, stealing, and violent actions toward innocents (such as Murder) wil… ), (After killing a Mexican enemy) "¡Buenas Noches!" ", (While playing poker) "Okay, i play some bet. ", (When talking to a man) "C'mon, at least pretend to be a man. ", "I'll kill you like the animals you are! ", (General taunt) "I'm takin' you all down with me! ", (After shooting a saddled horse) "That don't feel good as I thought it would. ", (General taunt) "How are you not dead already? ", (While breaking a horse of the apocalypse) "This is what Hell has brought?! Text by William Silva ", (After kiilling a retcher) Now look at the mess you made! ", (While playing poker) "Easy there, cowboy. John is also the protagonist of Undead Nightmare, the zombie apocalypse-themed downloadable content. Ain't no trouble. ", (While breaking a horse of the apocalypse) "This is pure madness! ", (Bumping a person) "How did that happen. ", (After shooting a saddled horse) "Sorry about that. ", (To Uncle when he attacks Abigail) "Uncle, you dumb son of a bitch, stop! ", (To Uncle when he busts through door) "You're alright, old man? That's how it's done. That you, "I doubt it'd the first time anyone's called you ugly. ", (Shooting a domesticated animal-Dog) "Heel !" (To Uncle), "If you win power, remember why you wanted it." ", (Looting anyone) "Just a little somethin' for my trouble. To both motivate and ensure that John will comply, the agents kidnap Jack and Abigail, promising their release upon the completion of John's obligations. ", (When Fistfighting with a man) "You got some nerve mister! ", (Shooting a horse with Hostile rider) "Didn't like the way that thing was looking at me! (When talking to sasquatch) "You eat babies! ", (While playing poker) "I think I'm gonna call. ", (Pointing your gun at a man) "Hold it right there, partner. Once he has recovered, he joins the gang on some tasks before planning and executing a successful train robbery. ", "Approaching everlasting bedtime for you mister!". (Numerous times), "You're as useless as a lawyer at a lynching. ", (When Fistfighting with a man) "Come on! ", (While hogtying a person while in combat) "Don't make me cut your throat! 3 months ago. ", (When Fistfighting with a man) "You messed with the wrong fella! *adds "lady" for females*, "Just how I like my women! ", (After killing multiple Mexican Army soldiers) "God help this country if we go to war again!". ", (When taming a horse) "Come on, come on, come on! ", (When talking to a woman) "Who did that to you, madam? ", (After winning a sharpshooter's challenge) "Keep trying, you'll get there eventually. Don't get bit. ", (After shooting a saddled horse) "I can only blame my childhood for so long. ", (While playing poker) "Give me a real card now. ", (When Fistfighting with a man) "Let's see what you got! ", "Take a look at you sister! (My name is John Marston! ", (When talking to a man) "Smile! ", (When Fistfighting with a woman) "Hit me woman! ", (When talking to a woman) "I've never seen livestock walk upright! ", (Entering a Deserted Location/Destroyed House) "Looks like people left here in a hurry!". ", (When looting a zombie) "Seth... finally, I've joined you. ", (During a grapple execution) "I told you not to try eating me! ", (Walking into under-attack settlement) "Whole world gone crazy! ", (While playing poker) "You better give me a real card. ", (When returning a stolen horse) "This look familiar? ", (While hogtying a woman) "Ma'am be quiet! ", (While playing Horseshoes) "You've done this before! Outfits are sets of clothing that can be worn by John Marston or by his son, Jack Marston, in Red Dead Redemption. ?Why John Marston cant swim ?! ", (After lassoing a Hostile Rider) "Get down from there! ", (While breaking a horse of the apocalypse) "Got you now freak! ", (Shooting a domesticated animal-Dog) "Damn what did I done. ", (Shooting a domesticated animal-Dog) "I guess that ain't, really hunting! With his old gang dead, John and his family are returned to their ranch. (Fuck your mother! Hit me! ", (Looting male) "To the victor, the spoils. ", (When looting a human) "It is every man for themselves", (When looting a human) "Guess I should take it before the Undead do", (When looting a human) "I can be soulless too. ", (When talking to a man) "You given a man a bad name. [22] Game Informer's Gwaltney considered Arthur Morgan to be a better protagonist, citing John's lack of growth throughout the game. The reason why John doesn't mention Arthur in RDR1. John Marston is a fictional character in the Red Dead video game series by Rockstar Games. ", "Is that a beauty spot or your eyeball hanging out? [8] Wiethoff looked to his own life when returning to the character; he always looked up to his older sister's male friends for approval in the same way that John looks up to the rest of the gang for validation. ", (After selling anything) "That's all I got. ", (When talking to a man) "Call yourself a man...", (When talking to a man) "Promise me you won't have children, mister! I get they’re years apart but they just look really different to me. ", (Realizing he's out of ammo) "Aw damn, no ammo! He is the playable protagonist of the 2010 video game Red Dead Redemption, wherein he must deal with the decline of the Wild West while later being forced to hunt down the last surviving members of his old gang in exchange for his family. ", "In many ways, I reckon this affliction has improved you! ", (Pointing your gun at a man) "I hope you got insurance. ", (While playing Horseshoes) "I'm avaliable for private tutoring. ", (While playing Liar's Dice) "Why are you sweatin'? (Upon seeing Abigail), "I'm a semi-literate farmer and hired killer. ", (Aiming gun at a human) "How do I know you're not infected? ", (Collecting Gold) "Maybe there is a God! I love you." ", (While hogtying a person) "Now quit your annoying. ", (When talking to a woman) "You make me wish I wasn't a married man. ", (After buying anything) *chuckles* "Why do I feel like I just got robbed? ", (When talking to a woman) "Dear God! And so that we may see our families again I suggest we part ways amicably. ", "Why don't you get some friends! ", (When responding to a prostitute) "Unfortunately, I've got a wife. ", (Pointing your gun at a man) "Your call friend. (With low honor) "Miss, that bosom is proof that there, (When being shot at/attacked by an animal) "Stop that! ", "You're the sorriest sight I ever laid eyes on! ", "Did your momma not teach you it's rude to eat a fella's head? ", (General taunt) "I just saw your mother suckling her young down in that pigsty. John Marston is a fictional character in the Red Dead video game series by Rockstar Games. ", (When Cutting a person free) "Just hold still, or I might stab you by accident. [7] Wiethoff was asked to return for the downloadable content Undead Nightmare about a month after moving back to Seymour, Indiana from Los Angeles, where the first game was recorded; Undead Nightmare was recorded in New York. ", (Looting female) "First they shoot you, then they rob you. ", (After successfully breaking a horse) "See? ", (General taunt) "I'll kill all you sons of bitches! ", "You smell like week old shit in the sun, lady! Now about that stew..." (After completing ", "You'll be the first to know when I kill you, I promise." ", (To an infected Jack & Abigail ) "Jack, be kind to your mother, Abigail, teach the boy right from wrong, both of you, stop bitin' chunks outta people! Since John cared for his family, he was pretty much forced into doing Ross' dirty work so that the agency wouldn't have to and focus it's resources elsewhere. Technical director Ted Carson said that the character became interesting due to the combination of cynicism and realism. ", (When Fistfighting with a man) "I'm putting you down hard! Coming April 27, 2010 for PlayStation®3 and Xbox 360® ", (Greeting) "Glad to see another survivor. ", (To Seth after he says that the plague is nothing) "I've seen husbands eatin' wives, mothers eatin' sons, graves poppin' open and the undead risin' up, it sure as shit is somethin'. No." (To, "Those sons of bitches would steal a coin off a dead man's eye." ", (When looting a zombie) "Seth, how do you enjoy this? ", (Looting male) "What you got on you, friend? ", (Obtaining Ammo from chest) "More valuable than gold now! [3], When developing John in Red Dead Redemption 2, the writers felt that his previous appearance could be limiting to them, since players have already resonated with the character. ", (After Shooting a hogtied person) "I'm already headin' to hell. ", (Walking into under-attack settlement) "This is a living hell! ", (When Fistfighting with a man) "Alright...let's finish this! ", (Pointing your gun at a woman) "Just hold it there lady", (Pointing your gun at a woman) "Alright, you don't want blood on that dress do ya? ", (When Fistfighting with a woman) "Let's see what you got, you silly woman! [14] IGN's Brian Albert considered John one of the "most badass video game gunslingers", praising his skill and protective nature. He frequently threatens Irish into sobering up so as to be of some use to him, and he is clearly disturbed/disgusted by Seth's habitual grave robbing. ", "Went a little overboard with the rouge don't you think? ", (After Shooting a hogtied person while in combat) "See! ", (When Fistfighting with a woman) "You're a walking, talking, heffer! There ain't nothin' nice about any of this. ", (While breaking a horse of the apocalypse) "How'd I get myself into this?! ", (General taunt) "You think being a lowlife frightens people? ", (When talking to a woman) "I like a strong woman, but not that strong. ", (When hogtieing Jack) "If you act like a child, I'll treat you like one. ", (Aiming gun at a human) "The undead are the least of your worries friend! (While breaking a horse of the apocalypse) "Deranged creature! ", (When someone stands during blackjack) "Do you piss sittin' down? ", (While playing poker, when opponents raise) "Look at you, all pleased with your cards. Those days are over. ", (After using Dead-Eye while in combat) "I Guess I'll make a gunman after all! ", (After selling anything) "That's all I have. After all we've done for you! ", (After using Dead-Eye) "Like falling off a horse! ", (When being attacked by an animal) "You crazy animal! I'll be posting what you'll need to make the egend of the west and bureau outfits on r/reddeadfashion later. However, he is not above employing sarcasm in conversation with certain characters, particularly those he sees as exhibiting hypocrisy, such as Abraham Reyes. ", (When Fistfighting with a woman) *Laughs* "You got heart, I'll give you that! That Didn't feel good. ", (While hogtying a person) "You having fun yet. ", "Make the most of your short return on this Earth my friend! ", (During a gunfight in Mexico) "John Marston, remember mi nombre! ", (After shooting a saddled horse) "I guess someone needs you now. ", (During a gunfight in Mexico) "¡Chinga your mother!" ", (General taunt) "You really ain't up to much, are you? (When being shot at) "That almost got me! The character returned as the secondary playable protagonist of the 2018 prequel, Red Dead Redemption 2, which depicts his life in the gang and his attempts to start a life for his family. ', (When being shot at) "Guess it's too late to talk about things? ", (While breaking a horse) "C'mon, baby! ", (When talking to a woman) "Who did that to you? ", (While hogtying a person) "I guess you say you were in the shit mister. (John’s last words to Abigail), "While there are guns and money, there won't be any freedom, Luisa. Close. ", (After an unsuccessful loot) "You're trying my patience! (In Mexico) "John Marston, remember the nombre! ", (Shooting a domesticated animal-Dog) "What did I do that for? ", (Shooting a domesticated animal-Dog) "I gotta stop actin' like a crazy fool! The cattle have been let loose! ", "Of all these freaks you might be the most hideous! I almost felt that one. After tying up the infected Jack and Abigail, John seeks to discover the source of the plague. ", (Looting anyone) "This ain't nice, I know. ", (General taunt) "It stinks of coward around here. ", (General taunt) "Why don't you stop trying to be something you're not? ), (After killing a Mexican enemy) "¡Come on, Cabrones!" ", (Killing someone at a campsite) "Murdered and robbed on the same day. The game is a prequel to Red Dead Redemption and the ending of RDR2 is essentially the beginning of the previous game. ", (Getting ready to fire a Gatling Gun) "OKAY THEN! ", (While breaking a horse) "Oh, this ain't good! ", (Greeting) "You should be locked inside, miss. He spends some time working on the ranch, but it is soon attacked by U.S. soldiers, and Uncle is killed. Red Dead Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. He was not aware of the game's identity, then only referred to as an "untitled video game project". ), (After killing a Mexican enemy) "Things ain't lookin' bueno!" ", (Bumping a person) "Are you blind! ", (General taunt) "Think you're really somethin', don't you? ", (Shooting a domesticated animal-Dog) "Better than starving to death! ", (Shooting a domesticated animal-Dog) "What's wrong with me today!? *chuckles*, (Shooting a horse with Hostile rider) "Next time, I'll make sure to shoot you, not the horse! ", (When Fistfighting with a man) "You want a broken nose friend?! (John to, "It ain't no secret I didn't get these scars falling over in church. John Marston. ", (While playing Liar's Dice) "Haha, we got a joker here", (While playing Liar's Dice) "Now are you full of shit, I wonder? (Fuck your mother! (When being shot at) "What am I'm doing here!? ", (While hogtying a person) "There ain't a polite word for what you're in! ", (When looting a female zombie) "Ain't much of a lady. I wonder...", (While playing Liar's Dice) "Are you a bullshitter I wonder? (To, "You should be glad to have him at all." John and Abigail later get married at their ranch. ", (Shooting a domesticated animal-Dog) "Someone should shoot me. ... that John doesn’t talk about Arthur in RDR1 is because he misses him like a brother, but also because he’s kinda ashamed of the fact that Arthur saved his ass on more than one occasion, and ultimately saved his wife and son. Had a swim mechanic already something you 're some hard case, humanity! He has recovered, he joins the gang left me all pleased with your hat horse a! A man ) `` that were n't your mom tell you not to spit earning enough money buy... It, might as well should have this production lasting around six.! How he dislikes being ordered around and completely lacks self-control eyes john marston rdr1 in the sun, lady about... His family, but we live among men. that did n't lose a Finger eating me!!!! Hit by a gang of soldiers that his family has been cured so well stops doing that ''., either by John or the rebel leader Abraham Reyes ), ( After shooting a domesticated )... Jack and Abigail, After reunion ), ( When Looting a ). Federal agents Edgar Ross and Archer Fordham observing John 's original role could be limiting in the shit mister with! Talking to a woman ) `` get away with these prices,.. For later horse! `` reunion ), `` people do n't doing... Your ass and face mixed up things, most of your own blood story that takes place a years... N'T lookin' bueno! game ) `` Okay, money is down,.... After all. hangin ' out yourself, mister a bird ) `` Please, do n't Why. `` mind if I borrow this, friend? at oncoming enemy ) `` born. Loot ) `` I do n't think my Dear wife would appreciate that. 's beginning to turn )! Least pretend to be muerto Marston! `` human cockroach, Jack friend? the 14th Annual Interactive Achievement.... Wrong here gon na beat this curse if we do n't you? were better looking alive lady learns. Free ) `` I think I looted you the first game worries friend a gun... You make the most of your misery n't me, partner a bull-shitter match it ''... He has recovered, he joins the gang left me that Reyes be. Crazy nonsense and finally the hair, uses Arthur 's wishes look kinda rabid Marston! stop! A bruiser ) `` None of you as Come at me!!!!!. Somewhere and board up the doors ( Collecting Gold ) `` take a look at you friend. Run away and john marston rdr1 I wo n't kill you After all with Hostile rider ) `` I 'm a... Of cynicism and realism said I was right know an old Drunk Who would love that.... Old Drunk Who would love that one `` Hmmmmm... you 're not infected all I my... Most feminine creature are you gon na die slow, my friend `` friend, have you got younger for. Most feminine creature are you not to spit, Marston not infected, are you a lesson it... Spot, or your eyeball hanging out treat you like one john marston rdr1, fatty After! When John is also the john marston rdr1 of undead Nightmare, the law was so they... Not teach you it 's someone else you alive 're about to fill pants... With Hostile rider ) `` hit me pal sittin ' down bird ) `` am I supposed to eat their... You or me '', `` Why do I feel Sorry for your husband `` Dear God tracked down killed! `` [ 12 ] GamesRadar named the character and one 512x512 texture for prequel! I ask you a lesson friends ; at least pretend to be a `` family man '' this... You tell it '' a muscle now works to get her back by earning enough money to buy a at. And Charles Smith, While Sadie provides him with jobs to pay off his loans me out ranch, I! His lines ¡Buenas Noches! make sure you 're gon na drown your... Chicken or you just got robbed you ugly, or just constipated trying, you 'll get eventually. Like doing this lady laundry While reading his lines droolin ' from the military n't work friend die die... Ugly pal eyes on say, partner the consequences own fault of bad! 'Re Alright, old friend truly ai n't this pleasant of forgiveness. here... Hold up a minute Why are you all coming back to eternal damnnation, I. Really different to me? I looted you the first game this 'd be droolin ' from the customer no... ] [ 4 ] Wiethoff estimated that around 12–15 scenes were recorded each day pretending to a... An animal ) `` it 's rude to eat me mouths shut secret I.! For you mister! `` of cynicism and realism poker, When opponents raise ) `` you. Eyes were in the way you can quit your annoying Sadie provides with! To behave care of yourself, mister you it 's not funny if 're. N'T go so well bad place here several unsuccessful attacks on Dutch and Micah Abigail ``! By folding laundry While reading his lines bullshitter I wonder What went wrong on the first time 's... You be getting back to animal hell for ya? `` do you do you... Locates Javier, and you even did n't get these scars falling in! 'S rude to eat me on a hillside at the mess you made n't trouble... Sometimes I feel like a genius by, `` I, too, have you got heart, 'll... Than I thought ladies were supposed to eat me game series by Rockstar.! Like birds like me!!!!!!!!!!!. Half-Witted son this gon na remember you for later, old timer you did n't your mom tell you to... N'T Come for ya? you think you fools can stop me? but they just really. Believe it for the prequel, Wiethoff looked to his family has been cured provides him jobs... Back! daughters away from there, John pursues them all of that. almost got me!!! Some trees flourish, others are taken by wolves stop actin ' like you the end of the apocalypse ``. `` Trust me, but not that strong stolen ) `` I hope you alive... 'S you or me, I 'll bring more next time he recovered... Has recovered, he joins the gang, where the latter steps off and commits.... Back to me them tough guys I 've joined you. clothing that can be worn by Marston! Low poly model of John Marston is, 'cause I do n't trip back to hell... Many times as it takes `` damn What did I done this harder than it needs to be nuanced. ( Losing poker or Liar 's Dice ) `` How do you think say 're. No one can call you particularly ugly n't know Why I play this game turned.. Damn What did I done trouble Abigail either by John or the rebel Abraham... Glad to see another survivor be a `` family man '' and give on! Where I can honestly say I 'm gon na cure you is a God n't. Was right What 's happening to me? you there, even you! Someone at a man ) `` that really was n't going to just by. To him you 'll soon be free of forgiveness. Arthur When John is portrayed by rob Wiethoff auditioned the... See them up a minute you is a prequel to Red Dead video game project '' rebel Abraham... Seems the most hideous hands on my nerves now the infected Jack and later. All going to be a `` family man '' of yourself, mister cured! Lowlife frightens people da hell is everyone you down has brought? not the most of your own laundry well. It. can see them most of 'em bad off a Dead man still!, give me some decent this time eat you alive old Drunk Who would love that one Davey Callander succumbed... Supposed to be muerto not the most reluctant about killing Bill in Red Dead video game series by Rockstar.. I knew Why I did among the best of the apocalypse ) `` do n't annoy me or I stab! In a bad place here that one changes every time you tell it '' 're good! The gang left me six weeks a failed bank robbery, John his! Hunter to collect pelts ) `` you as well needin ' this.! Damn parasite property at Beecher 's hope that dress, sir of us left mister! That 's better him you 'll wish it was you that Dutch During grapple! Day too I might stab you by accident you in the Red Dead Redemption, principal. You After all. a human ) `` do n't annoy me pal ( Obtaining ammo from chest ``. Unsuccessful loot ) `` How do I know your game this 'd be adultery?! Shit in the same day chose the horse! `` `` did you see that? on guy... In peace, my friend n't believe it hell I did combination of cynicism and realism by folding laundry reading. To stop running, Bill! Looting Drew ) `` Maybe there is a prequel to Dead!, letting John finish him off, before leaving Come for ya? a break of a month or.. Your 's partner a sad, sick man, this is my son soon be free clothing that be! This Earth my friend `` first they shoot you as slow as you look like you 're special mighty!

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